Hoarding disorder has recently come into the spotlight, due to the numerous TV shows revealing the lives of those affected. But do you really know what this disorder is and what are the symptoms? Hoarding is a compulsive anxiety disorder where the affected lives in extremely cluttered houses that affect his life and health. Additionally, it’s financially straining situation, as the person buys things with no value, while some of them he owns them already. The following are six signs of hoarding disease that should warn you that you or someone you know, is a compulsive hoarder. 

Don’t you just love nice, warm, and cozy nights in front of the fireplace during the cold season? Fireplaces have been around for centuries and they were once the main source of heat for the entire house. While there are so many advantages of having a fireplace, such as the lower heating cost, and the ability to keep you warm during blackouts, it is important to know the basics for a proper fireplace maintenance. By maintaining regularly your fireplace, you ensure that it works properly, efficiently, and most important, in a safe manner. Here are few helpful do-it-yourself as well as professional tips for fireplace maintenance.

Each year, we spend hundreds of dollars on household cleaning products. Did you know that most of them are toxic, therefore dangerous for your health? Household chemicals are everywhere in your home, even in places and products you couldn't imagine. It’s important to take the right precautions, while you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Let’s take a look on some of the most common toxic household chemicals, and their health risks. Read carefully and take notes for important dos and don’ts as well as precautions for a clean, yet safe house for you and your family. 

You may have exceptional skills in planning and organizing things, but you can certainly not plan what comes next in life. Although the unknown of tomorrow, you can still be prepared. There are few staple predictions and precautions to help you overcome unforeseen events. In this article you’ll read the importance of preparing an emergency kit, and also what you should include in it.

The rapid increase in the number of victims by home fires has been alarmingly increased in recent years. The consequences of a home fire can be fatal. People will not only lose all of their belongings, but they can also lose their life. Civilians must know how to prevent a possible fire. It is easy to understand then, why smoke detectors are essential. They will alert you of a fire before it spread.

There are many different types of mold that grow both indoors or outdoors. The growing mold can cause a series of problems, ranging from health risks, to weakened walls and ceilings. Nobody likes it but it’s almost impossible not to have it. Mold loves humid, warm, and moist environments, and it’s easily created during fall or winter months. In this article we’ll talk about green mold.

They may be really frustrating, but floods of any kind still happen, and they can be a very challenging experience. It is then, when you start worrying for your health, and the safety of the house. One of the most asked question regarding water damage is how to dry a wet carpet after a flood. We will all agree that carpets can easily beautify a room, and make it look neat, and cozy. But what happens when the carpet gets wet and becomes soggy? If you want to increase the chances of salvaging your carpet, then you should act fast and make it dry within 48 hours. That’s because a water damaged carpet can grow mold quickly.

Water damage is frustrating and has many causes, ranging from natural disasters to malfunctioning plumbing systems. No one expects floods, or pipes to break, but it happens. It’s very important to know what type of contaminated water threatens your home. In such a situation, you have to call for professional help, and stay away from the affected areas. There are different safety protocols to follow, and cleaning procedures for a water damaged building. If your house will stay exposed to wet conditions of contaminated water for long, then there is possibility for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow. This can only make the situation even more dangerous.