Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

At JW cleaning restoration building maintenance, we provide customized low moisture carpet cleaning services at commercial properties such as restaurants and office buildings. Not only do we help keep your carpet looking clean and fresh, we do it all with excellent customer service.


One of the most important benefits of low moisture carpet cleaning from us is that fibers dry quickly. This means that a business manager does not need to close a business for several days to have carpets cleaned. The low moisture cleaning process also helps to prevent mildew odor and carpet backing shrinkage.


We supply uniformed and knowledgeable technicians who listen to what our customers want. Our technicians cover the equipment in a commercial business with plastic sheets to prevent damage from cleaning equipment. Technicians can also move furniture to remove stains and clean the carpet beneath the items.


JW has innovative low moisture carpet cleaning equipment that lifts debris from the base of the fibers. The safe cleaning equipment is able to suction dirt and moisture from carpets immediately. The cleaning equipment we use will not saturate a carpet’s fibers with moisture or scratch walls and floors.


Low moisture carpet cleaning is the perfect choice for businesses that must have surfaces sanitized quickly in order to stay open. We work with clients to find an appropriate time for the carpet sanitizing process. To learn more about low moisture commercial carpet cleaning, contact us at JW cleaning restoration building maintenance today.

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