Hard surface cleaning

Is dirty grout that can never be properly cleaned ruining the look of your floors?  We can fix it! Don’t waste all of your time scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush, only to see the results and realize that they are still dirty. What would normally take you a whole weekend only takes us a few hours, and the results are phenomenal!


Our truck-mount high pressure, high temperature system chucks out the dirt like it’s not even there.  Our process will even help to remove the oily food grime that builds up on your kitchen floor grout. The secret to our cleaning process is our completely safe, non-acidic cleaning product.  It basically destroys and dissolves grease, oil, food & drink spills, and any other regular dirt. And most importantly, since we are not cleaning with an acid, it is completely safe for all ceramic or porcelain floor tiles.


VERY IMPORTANT: Whether you use JW Cleaning Restoration Building Maintenance or someone else, you must make sure that products with hydrochloric acid are not used in your home.  This may also be known as muriatic acid, which is a dangerous chemical that has a terrible side effect of etching metal.  It’s so bad that even the fumes can ruin stainless steel appliances in your kitchen.  That’s no joke, and it happens all the time, but the main problem being that you won’t really notice it until well after the cleaning and you won’t really understand why or how it happened.  Surprisingly, these acids are commonly used by our competitors.
  • Carefully move light furniture and other items from the area to be cleaned
  • Apply our secret weapon: our safe, nontoxic tile & grout cleaner
  • We hand scrub each grout line with our special floor grout brushes
  • Using our rotary machine and a special brush made by 3M company we brush the entire surface of the tile as well
  • Using our truck-mount machine and using hot water at high pressures, we steam extract the entire floor
  • Dry floor with towels and air movers
  • Apply clear grout sealer (recommended)

Get your property to a “Better than Before” condition NOW