Mold Remediation Services

Mold Remediation

Mold not only damages property, but can jeopardize human health.

Mold must be removed by professionals because efforts by well-meaning homeowners can actually accelerate mold growth.

Using UV light or high-heat drying has only temporary benefits and can be harmful to people, pets, wood, plastics, and plants. People are often confused by thinking that mold-resistant means mold-proof.  It does not.

Water damaged building interiors provide a “prime” environment for the growth and reproduction of mold and bacteria. Molds are parasitic in that they rely on dead or decaying organic matter for food.

One of the favorite foods for mold is the paper on drywall. This, coupled with warm humid air, creates the ideal environment for reproduction.

The most common reaction to mold is an allergic reaction. However, individuals in a high risk group, such as children, elderly, someone who’s immune system is compromised, or with chronic respiratory problems may suffer more severe reactions.

Bacteria are pathogens that may infect healthy individuals and cause serious illnesses in a matter of hours.  

Condition – Indoor Environments Relative to Mold



  • Condition 1 = “normal fungal ecology” = an indoor environment that may have settled spores, fungal fragments or traces of actual growth whose identity, location and quantity are reflective of a normal fungal ecology for a similar indoor environment.


  • Condition 2 = “settled spores” = an indoor environment which is primarily contaminated with settled spores that were dispersed directly or indirectly from a Condition 3 area, and which may have traces of actual growth.


  • Condition 3 = “actual growth” = an indoor environment contaminated with the presence of actual mold growth and associated spores. Actual growth includes growth that is active or dormant, visible or hidden.



Trying to handle mold on your own has numerous risks and can cause potential harm. Exposure to mold may cause flu-like symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, and skin irritation. Severe cases may even cause fever or shortness of breath. You also might be contaminating your entire home when you handle mold on your own.

Mold Growth


It is incredibly easy for mold to grow from a tiny outbreak to a full scale infestation. All it takes is a little bit of moisture, even just humidity. And when there is a lot of moisture because of standing water or soaked building materials, the development of mold is almost inevitable. The first step is to get the space completely dried and dehumidified. But after that, a professional mold remediation effort is necessary if the problem is going to be resolved completely. 

Health Effects


If there is mold growing in a home or place of business it can affect the health of everyone that regularly spends time in the space. Mold can irritate respiratory issues, lead to chronic illness, and have a particularly negative impact on the young, old, and pets. Just a little bit of mold can make people sick. And a lot of it can make a space completely uninhabitable. Before it gets extreme, contact JW cleaning restoration building maintenance for a complete and safe removal.

Property Devaluation 


If you know that there is mold growing in a structure but you don’t notice it discoloring the walls or making anyone sick, you may be inclined to just ignore it. That is a big mistake for two reasons. First a little mold can quickly grow into a lot of mold. Don’t assume that this problem will go away on its own. Second, mold and the conditions that lead to mold can also degrade building materials over time. That can force you to pursue expensive repairs and renovations and ultimately lower the value of the property as a whole.

Professional Care


It is notoriously difficult to get rid of mold completely. That is why you will not want to rely on just any team to handle your mold remediation effort. You will want to work with professionals who take advantage of advanced equipment, scientific techniques, and expertise gained from years of experience. That way you can feel confident every trace of mold is gone and incapable of coming back. At JW cleaning restoration building maintenance, our team is committed to providing home and business owners with the very highest standards of service.

Mold Contamination is the presence of mold growth and/or mold spores, whose identity, location, and quantity are not reflective of normal fungal ecology for similar indoor environments. This can produce adverse health effects, cause damage to materials and/or adversely affect the operation or function of building systems.

Factors necessary for mold growth:

  • Presence of Mold Spores
  • Nutrient Sources
  • Water Source
  • Time
  • Environmental Conditions (Temp & RH)
  • Oxygen

Common Mold Exposure Symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Recurrent colds
  • Eye irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Asthma

Mold Remediation:

  • Identification /correction of moisture problem
  • Isolation of work area and HVAC
  • Air Flow management (negative Air)
  • Demolition and removal of porous materials
  • Cleaning of remaining materials
  • Deep Cleaning of all surfaces in work area
  • Post remediation “Clearance” testing

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